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Life is full of surprises, and the natural response is to create. My art has often been cathartic - a way to work things out - a way to understand. These days my approach is to be constructive - formal yet fun, severe yet soft, using geometric pattern and an emphasis on the decorative - influences mainly from the world of folk and sacred art. The intention is to provide an uplifting moment. Great teachers have provided a treasure of encouragement, affirming that artmaking is a natural and integral part of human life.


Wayne Killpack - Mt. Jordan Junior High School
Gwenda Davies - Pasadena Art Museum
Jack K. Dalton - South Pasadena High School
Ben Sakoguchi - Pasadena City College
Lorser Feitelsen - Art Center College of Design
Bill Moore - Art Center College of Design
Eugene Fleury - Art Center College of Design
Bernice Polifka - Art Center College of Design
Llyn Foulkes -
Art Center College of Design


- Pasadena City College
- Art Center College of Design


1975 - Main Street Gallery, Redlands, CA
1980 - Clouds Gallery, Pasadena, CA
1981 - A-V Room, Pasadena, CA
1992 - Vromans Art on the Stairwell, Pasadena, CA
2007 -
El Molino Gallery, Pasadena, CA
2012 - Picture This Gallery, Long Beach, CA
2013 - The Folk Tree Gallery, Pasadena, CA


1979 - Tortilla Press, family publishing company

1986 - Pasadena Artist Magazine, Centenial Project
- City of South Pasadena, Design Review Board Member


1991 - Pasadena City College
1992-2003 - Visual Arts & Design Academy, Pasadena High School

INSPIRATION - from childhood

Hanafuda Cards
mom's favorite-always on display - power in simplicity
Zuni Blanket
from grandma's journey
to California
Ballantine Beer Logo
dad sold this brand - interconnectedness a family theme
Swedish Folk Tray
icon of mom's happy
dad's favorite - mathematical, beautiful, musical
Game Board
a happy family played games together
Die Cut Halloween
we brought out the fun decorations
every year
Pendulum Clock
fascinating and
Ukranian Easter Eggs
mom made these
every Easter
Paper Snowflakes
at Christmas visitors cut and glued one to the window
San Blas Mola
always hung on our wall
Braided Rug
mom made this from dad's
old suits and ties
Charles Eames
my favorite toy - lasted
a lifetime
English Scenery Dishes
our everyday dishes - a whole world to look at after eating
Watts Towers
a family excursion that
changed my life
Nativity Scene
loved arranging the tableau
every season


INSPIRATION - Children's Art Workshop, Pasadena Art Museum - Gwenda Davies

The Blue Four
Galka Scheyer Collection
The Blue Four
Galka Scheyer Collection
The Blue Four
Galka Scheyer Collection
The Blue Four
Galka Scheyer Collection
Buddhist Thangkas
diamond perfection
Book of Kells
the invisible made visible
Hokusai Woodcuts

Henri Matisse
dazzling and daring - amazing color and masterful

Marcel Duchamp
saw the retrospective - he played chess with a nude lady - I want to be an artist!

Kurt Schwitters
poetic collage using everyday
materials - an integrated system
of perceiving the world

Andy Warhol
daring and challenging -
looking in a new direction
and not looking back

INSPIRATION - The Wonderful Balinese Shop, Pasadena, California - Monza and Jim Stevens

String Figures
drawing in the air
Toccata for Toy Trains - Eames
toys as art
building by folding
Advent Calendar
doors to open

INSPIRATION - Southwest Museum

Najajo Blankets
in beauty I walk,
it is finished in beauty
NW Coast Totem Poles
achieving a living
Kicking Bear's Drawing
as seen from another viewpoint
than is usually presented
Pima Baskets
man in the
maze theme
Tlingit Blankets
graphic history
Hopi Kachinas
respecting the natural forces
Kwakiutl Masks
breathing life into art
Navajo Sand Painting

INSPIRATION - from other sources

Step Pyramids
geometric ascension
Tantric Mandalas
art with a path
Japanese Katagami
paper carving
Islamic Tile
designed from a spiritual base
aarikka of Finland
simply delightful
Huichol Yarn Paintings
showing other worlds
Sacred Geometry
orderly universe
Buddhist Prayer Wheels
generating energy
Amish Blankets
poetry in simplicity
Krishna Miniatures
the impossible made possible
Esoteric Astrology
the 12 labors of Hercules
Rose Croix
Baranger Window Displays
kinetic fun from South Pasadena
charm from simplicity
Sphinx and Pyramids
energy center - sacred machine

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